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Tiny Climate Challenge is a podcast dedicated to helping busy people save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. ~ Mayela Manasjan

Dec 9, 2020

In this Tiny Climate Challenge episode our Guest Expert Nancy Mancilla talks about the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. As the Founder and CEO of ISOS group, Nancy has trained and enabled numerous sustainability professionals and students to understand and use leading global sustainability standards and frameworks to promote a healthy planet, resilient communities, and thriving economies. Her Tiny Climate Challenge for all us is to research the CSR reports of our favorite companies and brands.

Guest Expert Bio

Since founding ISOS Group in 2008, Nancy Mancilla has orchestrated hundreds of certified training under the various non-financial standards, elevated many global brands to leadership status through ISOS Group’s strategic advisory work, and produced several linkage documents to help ease the reporting burden in the marketplace. As CEO, she manages relationships with clients, industry associations, sustainability-focused MBA programs, and federal agencies; coordinates client project development; develops educational initiatives and curriculum; and sets organizational strategy.

In addition to certifications for those that ISOS Group represents, Nancy has completed the iCompli SASB course and various modules from the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and is registered as an AA1000 CSAP certified assurance practitioner. She holds a master’s degree in Public Service with a Sustainability Focus from the Clinton School of Public Service, a master’s in International Relations with a concentration in Post-Conflict Development from the University of Amsterdam, and a bachelor's in International Relations from the United States International University.

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